Starting the PowerOLAP Scheduling Service

If you run the PowerOLAP Scheduler without Administrator privileges, you may not have permissions to start, stop, or even view the current status of the service. You would see two grayed out boxes and the service status would read ‘No Server’ like in the image below:

If you are seeing this, there are a few options that you have.

The first thing to try is to right-click on the PowerOLAP Scheduler and select ‘Run as administrator.’


You should now be able to control the scheduling service from the PowerOLAP Scheduler:


If running as Administrator is not an option, we can go into Windows Services directly and locate the PowerOLAP Scheduling Service there. You can get there by going to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services or by going to the “Services” tab in Task Manager and then go to “Open Services” at the bottom. (Note that you can also view the status of and control the scheduling service from this tab)


The name of the service is ‘PowerOLAP Scheduling Service.’ Once located, you can view the status and start/stop the service from here.