Launching the PowerOLAP Server Control Program and PowerOLAP Scheduler as Administrator


As a result of UAC (User Account Control) on newer Operating Systems. Windows by default will run programs with restricted privileges unless specifically requested by the launching users by selecting “Run as Admin” from the right click menu.


This impacts the PowerOLAP Server and PowerOLAP Scheduler because when they are launched with restricted privileges the application cannot control the windows service.  To be able to stop and start the related Windows services from the PowerOLAP applications launch the application by right clicking on the menu or launching icon and select “Run as Administrator” (the user will need local administrative privileges to do this). 


The launching shortcut can be set to do this automatically through the properties by right clicking, selecting “properties” and on the “Compatibility” tab there is an option to “Run this program as administrator”. This will avoid the need to select “run as Admin” on each launch. (Shown below)