Install PowerOLAP® Client

Pre-installment Preparations:

•     Please be sure that the PowerOLAP® application and Microsoft Excel application are closed before installing/uninstalling.

•     If Microsoft Excel was recently installed, it must be opened and closed at least once prior to installment  

1. Locate and run the Client Setup.exe installation file for PowerOLAP®.

2. Proceed to the Installation Welcome Screen, shown below, and click Next 

3. Read the License and Maintenance Agreement screens and select I Accept. Click Next.

4. Enter the appropriate <User Name> and <Company Name> in the indicated boxes.

5. Click Next

6. Leave the default selection at Modeler

7. Click Next.

8. Click Next at the Choose Destination Location screen, shown below with default Destination Folder, i.e., C\:Program Files\PowerOLAP

9. Click Next  

10. Click Install to initialize installation

11. Click Finish to complete the installation

12. Restart the computer.