Things to ask or try:

  • Has anything recently change? ie: Excel; Update or Upgrade
  • Test connection to PowerOlap. Slice out from PowerOlap, if works then double click on filters to see if there's a connection 
  • Load the add-ins again

Phantom Excel: 

1. Close all Excel files. 

2. Then go to: Task Manager > Processes and/or Details > Close any Excel.exe

3. Try to slice out from PowerOlap

Check add-ins location in Excel:

1. Make sure the Excel add-ins path is correct in Excel. If it's wrong, do the following

2. Go to regedit and navigate to path: 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\<Version of Office (16.0)>\Excel\Options

3. Edit to proper path of Excel add-ins

New Install of PowerOlap:

        New install of PowerOlap and issue opening existing workbook, do the following

1. Close all Excel files

2. Open PowerOlap as admin and slice out (this should put something in the registry)

3. Retry the workbook

VBA Error: Compile error in hidden module: mod_Auto (has 64bit excel)

When you receive this error above and the excel installed is 64bit, it most likely is due to wrong bit of addin installed. (see customer solutions: Forcing install 64bit addins)

1. Open registry and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook (15.0 may vary based on the version of office installed)

2. Check for key called "Bitness" and make sure it's set to x64. If there is no key, create one

3. Uninstall PowerOLAP and reinstall it

Slice out of PowerOLAP does not work:

        When you can calc saved workbooks and they work. but slicing out from PowerOLAP does not. The likely have 2 Excels installed

            1. Go to Home > Options

            2. Under Use Excel: make sure the Version is set to Latest Installed. 

PowerExcel installed by mistake or has ever been installed on the machine:

1. Uninstall PowerExcel

2. Check for\delete PowerOlapExcel file in the following locations: check both the PowerOlap Client license location as well as the Excel add-in location (check which bit of Excel to know which path)

3. Browse for the correct excel add-ins

Regedit is in correct order:

1. Go to regedit and navigate to path: 


2. Check OPEN and OPEN1 (note: could be different numbers if they have more add-ins)

3. OPEN needs to be: Powerolap core add-in

4. OPEN1 needs to be: powerolapaddin

Excel and PowerOLAP Client Crash when recalculating Spreadsheet:

1. Go to the Excel Spreadsheet that causes the Excel and PowerOLAP client crash when recalculated

2. Press Ctrl + F (Find) within the spreadsheet

3. Search for "OLAPDatabase" click "Options" then pick within "Workbook"

4. Check the results if OLAPDatabase is referenced correctly to the PowerOLAP Server

5. Change the OLAPDatabase reference pointing into the correct server

6. Try recalculating the spreadsheet again

Signs of a phantom Excel keeps happening:

1. Close PowerOLAP and Excel

2. Open Excel, open PowerOLAP from Excel

3. Slice out to Excel from PowerOLAP

Force Excel to stay in Manual Calc:

1. Navigate to "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART"

2. Save a blank excel workbook in there with manual calc enabled. with extension .xlt
(you can save other settings this way too)