Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action - Suppress Long Calculation

The above is a default Excel message that is shown when waiting on a long calculation occurring outside Excel (in this case PowerOLAP). Prior to version 18, this message was suppressed automatically, but in later versions of PowerOLAP the default is no longer to suppress it.I like

You can suppress this message in version 18 and later versions. However in doing so, it may disable other functionality in Excel (e.g. Data From Text/CSV). 

If you come across the above error message, it is recommend keeping the default option (not suppressing) the message on long calculations. 

If you decide to turn this message off, do the following:

1. Open Excel

2.  Go to the PowerOLAP tab

3. Click Options

4. Check the box to Suppress message on long calculations (Close and Open Excel)

Why was this added to PowerOLAP?

Prior to PowerOLAP v18, this option did not exist. PowerOLAP, by default suppressed messages caused by long calculations. Unfortunately, in recent versions of Excel where PowerQuery/PowerPivot and other external data tools have been expanded in Excel, suppressing those messages caused users to be unable to use the Data Connection tools. Starting in PowerOLAP v18, the option was added, and the default installation is to have the check box, unchecked.

What does it do?

In short, checking the PowerOLAP option ‘Suppress message on long calculations’ prevents Excel from prompting an error message when a calculation takes longer than 30 seconds to complete. For users that frequently run workbooks with large calculations, this might be a desirable behavior to prevent users from thinking something is wrong.

What else does it affect?

By checking this option, you will not be able to use the external data tools to connect to data source such as SQL directly. If a user whom has the option checked, they will receive this error when attempting to create a connection…