This message with be prompted after a Power Query Slice is created.



  1. Click “Cancel” in the Access Web content popup window.
  2. Click the “Data” in the Excel ribbon, then click “Queries & Connections” to open the “Queries and Connection” sidebar.
  3. Double click on the “Olation Sheet1” or the named sheet that you have created that says, “Download did not complete”.
  4. This opens the “Power Query Editor”, Click “Data source settings in the ribbon of the “Power Query Editor”
  5. “Data source setting” window will popup, Click “Global permissions” and clear permissions. Make sure all permissions are cleared.
  6. Close the “Data source settings” and “Power Query Editor” Windows.
  7. In the “PowerExcel” Section of the ribbon, Click “Connections” and delete the connection of the database the was just used to create the last slice. Close Excel, Open, it back up and make the connection to the database that was just deleted.