Solution for altering a previous PowerExcel template to make it work on PowerExcel 20.47 


  1. 1. Open the save template 

  1. 2. Check a cell with a formula 


  1. 3. You need to delete the following part of the formulas “PowerExcel.ExcelFunctions.OlaFunctions. 

  1. 4. In Excel Find and replace the following “PowerExcel.ExcelFunctions.OlaFunctions.” by pressing ctrl+H  

  1. 5. In the dialog paste the formula that needs to be deleted in the Find what. 

  1. 6. Click Options and select “Workbook” in the Within.  See image below 


  1. 7. Click Replace All 

  1. 8. Press F9 

  1. 9. Template should be working now.