Registering the Writer and Reader is the same process and is listed below:

PowerOLAP Client - Register via a Reader/Writer Code


To Register PowerOLAP Client using a PowerOLAP License ID and Password:

1. Launch the PowerOLAP program from the Start Menu.
(Start menu>PowerOLAP>PowerOLAP).

The PowerOLAP Registration dialog box appears. This will prompt user to select between two options.

2. Select the I was provided a Reader/Writer code by my PowerOLAP Administrator option (first option).

3.  Click Continue.

The Licensing Code dialog box appears.

4.  Enter the <License ID> and <Code> provided by PARIS Technologies (These Will be identified as the PowerOLAP Server "LicenseID" and "ReaderCode" or "WriterCode".

5.  Once the keys are entered, click OK.

The Create New License dialog box appears. This will require you to fill out some information.

6. Completely fill out the form with the required information.

7. Click Submit.

After a moment, the License Codes dialog will pop up.

PARIS Technologies will send you via e-mail the License ID and Password which you will later need to license the software. Check the e-mail address you indicated in the Form you have just submitted.

8.  Enter the <License ID> and <password> provided by PARIS Technologies.

9.  Click OK.

This completes the PowerOLAP® Client software activation via a Reader/Writer Code.