PowerOLAP – Error Message “Could not connect to Microsoft Excel”


Excel Splash Screen – Accessing Printer  


Typically, this error occurs when a user is using a Remote connection and has a printer set to a local network. However, when using a local machine (laptop) out of office network such as working from home this error can occur.

Checklist to identifying this issue.

  1. Addins are added correctly.
  2. All Microsoft Excel windows are closed (check Task Manager – Details Tabs)
  3. Export a slice from PowerOLAP to Microsoft Excel® or open a saved Slice and where the PowerOLAP Database information will be a #NAME.

Key Indicator of this issue is when opening Microsoft Excel®, within the splash screen you will see along the bottom “Accessing Printer” See Screenshot below 

There are two Solutions for this issue.

Local Machine

  1. Navigate to the Printer Settings in the Control Panel and select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the default printer.


  • Remote Desktop Connection
    1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection and click on “Show Options”. Along the top click “Local Resources”, this is where you can remove access to printers. (see screenshot to the right).