PowerOLAP and Excel both receiving PowerOLAP add-in error message

Excel is running into problems with the “c\programfiles(x86)\powerolap\powerolapaddin.xlam”. add-in. If this keeps happeneing, disable this add-in and check for available updates. Do you want to disable it now?

After receiving this error message when trying to send a slice from PowerOLAP to Excel or trying to make a Dimension selection change in a PowerOLAP Excel Template.

Check to make sure the PowerOLAP Add-ins are in are added, it is a good idea to browse for each add in to manually re-add them.

Next, check to see if the default printer is set to “Microsoft Print to PDF”, this can be found in the printing settings within the Control Panel.



Run PowerOLAP as an Administrator – from the start menu find PowerOLAP and click run as an Administrator. Along the PowerOLAP ribbon within the Home section is Options. Click Options and near the bottom left of the Option popup is a section where you can set what version of Excel PowerOLAP uses. Set the Version to the “Latest Installed”.