Steps to License:

Launch the “Leonardo Business Intelligence” app from desktop.

On the Leonardo Home Screen – look for the “Administration” drop down on the side bar on the left of the screen and click to drop down the Administration options. 

Under the Administration drop down you will see the following options:


Click on Licensing and you will see the following pop up: 

To License your Leonardo Application you have two choices: Online or Offline.

Online- When choosing the online option you will receive this pop-up – You will need to input your Computer Code, your license ID and your License Password. This will be provided to you by ParisTech. 












Offline- When selecting the Offline option, you will be provided with the pop-up below. This option can be used when you do not have an internet connection at the time of licensing. You should follow these instructions to License offline.

Once you have your license file from the URL above, come back to your Leonardo web interface and fill in your License ID and Password and Attach/Upload your License file and select “OK” to license your Leonardo Application.