Creating the Slice


  1. On the PowerExcel tab, navigate to the PowerExcel Slice control group and click the New icon, which will initiate the slice creation process


PowerExcel in the Excel Ribbon

Figure A: The PowerExcel Ribbon



The PowerExcel Sidebar will open on the right side of Excel, as illustrated in Figure B. 



  1. In the PowerExcel sidebar, click on the Database drop down and select the PowerExcel connection to connect to the desired database. 


Note: When attempting to connect to a secured PowerExcel database, the User Credentials dialog box will appear requesting for user credentials in order to access the database. If you are connecting to a non-secured database, you will not be prompted for User Credentials. You may proceed to Step 3. 



  1. In the PowerExcel sidebar, click on the Cube drop down and select the cube in order to prepare the data for the table.


The Dimensions may be re arranged by dragging and dropping them among the Filters, Columns and Rows sections. You may also select specific Members to display. 


Figure B: The PowerExcel Sidebar



  1. Pick a PowerExcel Slice output by enabling the correct radio button. You may select PivotTable, ReadWrite Formulas or Power Query. 


  1. Select the cell in which you wish to generate the PowerExcel report into the spreadsheet.