How to Setup PowerBI Connector:





1. Verification and confirmation procedure

Confirm that the Microsoft Power BI® is activated and enabled under the license of Olation.


Open Olation Studio


Navigate to the license by right-clicking on localhost






Select the Olation Server Tab


Scroll down to Features


Confirm Microsoft Power BI ® is activated 




  1. If Microsoft Power BI® is not activated, please contact Leigh Presti or Charlotte Guerra before proceeding to the next steps of installation.





2. Installation procedure



Connect to Filezilla with user credentials


Browse to the following directory Internal Software Distribution/Olation/20.046


Copy the zipped file Olation4PowerBI – BETA to your local drive or saved location


Extract the files to a folder


Inside the extracted folder copy Olation.pqx


Navigate to the following directory in File Explorer

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors

Note: Create a directory if needed



Click the View tab, enable File name extensions






Rename (F2) the file extension from Olation.pqx to





Open and reconfigure OlaCon.cfg 



Change to the following http://localhost:4387 then save (Ctrl + S)


Revert the file extension back to the original by renaming to Olation.pqx





3. Creating an Olation Slice Procedure


Open the Olation Studio application


Connect to the Registered Server



Open desired database






Open and create a slice of database in PowerExcel



Save the slice 


Verify the slice is saved in Olation Studio by expanding the database to view the cube and its respective saved slices 









4. Configuring PowerBI Connector


When opening Microsoft Power BI® on the first instance after creating the Power BI connection, a prompt will appear. Follow the sequence of steps to ensure the connector is operational


Open the Microsoft PowerBI Desktop application. Navigate to File >> Option and Setting >> Option >> Security


Select the Not Recommended option under Data Extensions 




Restart the Microsoft PowerBI Desktop application 




5. Opening saved Olation slice in Power BI Procedure



Navigate to Get Data >> Other >> Olation




Expand the database. Select and load the saved slice