PowerOLAP Scheduler - How to Clear History from PowerOLAPJobs.xml

The PowerOLAP Scheduler stores its Job definition in a file called "PowerOLAPJobs.xml" which is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerOLAP".  

Every time a scheduler job executes it appends a "History" record to the job definition contained in the XML file.  Over time these history records can grow to be a significant size and it is a good practice to purge these records from time to time.

The process shown below uses Notepad++ to remove all history records from the XML file using "Find and Replace" with a Regular expression search.

*** Note: a backup of the "PowerOLAPJobs.xml" file should be taken by zipping the file before clearing the history.

  1. Open the "PowerOLAPJobs.xml" file in Notepad++
  2. Hit "Ctrl"+"H" (or from the menu select "Search"-->"Replace")
  3. In the "Find What" dialog enter "<History(.*)\/>" (If there are multiple Jobs use "(<History)(.*?)(?=</Job>)" )
  4. Leave the "Replace With" dialog blank
  5. Select "Search mode" as "Regular expression"
  6. Select "Replace All"
  7. Save the "PowerOLAPJobs.xml" file in Notepad++